On April 17th, ZOS will begin a six day series of dental clinics in various locations around the beautiful Masai Mara environs. Our clinical team will work in parallel with the UK-based MEAK charity, who will conduct an ambitious optometry clinic alongside. Each night, the Safari Collection (a long standing supporter of community projects in Kenya) will host both teams at the luxurious Sala's Camp. We can't wait!

We're also taking a small film crew out to Kenya with us to shoot a pilot episode about ZOS to pitch for funding.

Stay tuned for the next trip's announcement and your opportunity to join us on the adventure of a lifetime.

  • is excited to announce the launch of its rural service provision expertise in East Africa!

Drawing from Dr. Joseph Zimmer's extensive experiences offering modern dentistry in rural Central America using mobile platforms, ZOS aims to bring the same high-impact, rapidly deployable mobile infrastructure to Kenya beginning in April 2017.

At the core of our service infrastructure is a flagship expedition vehicle built to safely and easily traverse the earth's most challenging environments. Our custom-built Mercedes Unimog 4x4 offers its occupants a ruggedly unique experience: by combining an inviting living space (full amenities) and simply the most capable off-road platform on the planet, ZOS can bring professionals of nearly any variety confidently and securely into the most remote parts of the world without leaving the luxuries of home behind.

By partnering and consulting with established local organizations, ZOS is able to build upon existing local expertise in order to ensure resources are used efficiently and local populations remain engaged and enfranchised. Please read our mission statement and explore our partnerships page to learn more about our passions and what moves us.

Please (980) 680-5823if you think ZOS can help implement your project.